This season, we attended our first London Fashion Week! Along with a few presentations we got to sit FROW (front row) at two shows we were dying to see; Barbara Casasola and Tophop Unique. Many thanks to the most wonderful agent for making this happen, Olivia we love you. 



The Barbara Casasola show was utterly perfect. I think it's safe to say that we fell in love with every single look in her collection. And, in addition to watching from the front row, we were lucky enough to be dressed in two of the most beautiful Barbara Casasola suits... We couldn't think of anything we'd have rather been wearing for our first ever paparazzi experience (crazy!).



Joanna wears Barbara Casasola grey suit with Mango shoes, Rue Gembon earings and Gucci bag. Sarah wears brown Barbara Casasola suit with vintage shoes and Sandro bag.




Recognised as one of the most iconic shows in London, we still haven't quite come to terms with the fact we were invited to attend Topshop Unique. Watching the show, all of our 80s dreams came true, as animal print and oversized bombers walked past. The hype around Spitalfields Market before the show was amazing to experience, and again we had a little run in with some paparazzi, which was so new and overwhelming (and without being too narcissistic, a little fun and flattering). 

After thoroughly enjoying our first LFW we can't wait for the next round of show seasons to start. 



Joanna wears all Topshop with Tilly Jewellery and Gucci bag. Sarah also wears all Topshop, vintage earrings and Gucci bag.