We are lucky enough to know a couple of Australian locals... Very handy when in search/need of coffee shops and secluded beaches. And to top it off, this particular local is not half bad behind a camera lens.

During our first week together in Sydney, we caught up with Andrew James and road-tripped down to one of his favourite beaches. The car journey there may have only taken an hour or so, but in true Halpin style, we had to make a couple of pit-stops (toilet breaks) at the local children's cricket club.

True to his word, Andy's beach was beautiful and almost completely empty. We got to practise both our rock-climbing/sun-lounging skills, and only lost one memory card along the way.

This was in-fact our second shoot with Andy. And after a (not so) hard day's work, we got to catch up over lunch with the added company of his wife Leah, and new daughter Aubrey. Congratulations you guys, she's lovely.